Conference Topics 2017-08-25T19:58:49+03:00

Conference Topics

Papers are solicited on topics related to new theories, advanced design of robot mechanics and control architectures, and development of intelligent robotic applications, including but not limited to:

– Novel design and applications of robotic systems
– Dexterous grasping, handling and intelligent manipulation
– Intelligent cooperating and service robots
– Advanced robot control
– Human-robot interfaces
– Robot vision systems and visual servoing techniques
– Mobile robots, Humanoid and walking robots
– Field and agricultural robotics
– Bio-inspired and swarm robotic systems
– Towards micro and nano-scale robots
– Aerial, underwater and spatial robots
– Robot integration in holonic manufacturing
– Personal robots for ambient assisted living
– Medical robots and bionic prostheses
– Intelligent information technologies for cognitive robots
– Education in robotics
– History of automation and robotics
– Cognitive robots and Emotional Intelligence
– Cloud robotics
– Ethical, legal and social issues of robotic